Bharat - Spirit of India - 21H

Freedom in mind, faith in words, memories in our souls. Bharat ke rang Various FOOD STANDS will offer a variety of Indian Food fromdivers INDIAN AREAS. While tasting the flavours of India you will be accompanied by authentic DANCING SHOWS & ACCOUSTIC PERFORMANCES. The closer the night, the louder the music. Let us impresse you with danceable bollywood classics, indian hits and the best of pop and radio all time favs.



Special offer !
Only 8€ entrance till 23:30H with registration.

Prestige Premium Clubbing

There's more than you could imagine as the clock strikes midnight, so dive into the deepest grounds of high society clubbing. Prestige Premium Clubbing was founded on 13 January 2012 and is one of the most popular party-labels in Berlin. Our guests always enjoyed the thrill of premium clubbing in amazing atmospheres at extraordinary clubs.